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Though (The Guitar Lesson) is not a humongous site like Guitar Tricks or Jamplay, it does have the quality and price competitiveness in the guitar teaching industry. With only a few hundred lessons, you can definitely learn to play some popular songs from the site if you put your effort into it. It’s absolutely perfect for beginners. The other great thing about this site is that you can fully test drive it for 3 days by paying just USD 1. If you don’t want to pay even a dollar, you can check out their 10 free basic video lessons. How cool is that?


All the lessons were created by guitar teacher Tom Fontana. He claimed that he has been teaching guitar for over 15 years. The overall aim of his philosophy is to advance students’ knowledge of guitar techniques, theory, etc. by teaching them how to play guitar songs right from the very beginning. It’s a good way to keep beginners motivated as they can play popular songs they love and have a feeling of success.


The site is aesthetically attractive and its menus are intuitively laid out so it’s pretty easy to navigate. Tom’s teaching style is friendly, fun, down-to-earth and precise. By learning how to play popular songs, you will master fingerpicking, strumming patterns, soloing, chords, harmonics, guitar theory, arpeggios, etc. The music genres of the songs include pop, classical, folk/soul, christmas, soft rock, blues, reggae, hard rock, grunge/alternative and punk. All in all, you’ll learn almost everything you need to know as a novice guitarist.

All videos are of the same standard quality i.e. high definition (HD). Needless to say, they were all professionally filmed and edited. You can expect to see close-up on both hands in split-screen view from multiple angles.There are also on-screen animated tab, chord diagram and scale in the videos. The animated tab is a very special feature that no other sites have. Everything seems to be perfect but it’s not. I found that the sound of a handful of videos was a bit soft. I need to turn the volume up to the maximum in order to hear well the instructions from Tom.

Below the video lessons, you will find written supplementary material such as lesson information, song details, chords, tabs and jam track. Chords and tabs can be downloaded and saved as a PDF file on your computer. However, one thing to note is that not all the songs include jam track. All jam tracks can be played in some browsers like Google Chrome. You may also choose to download and save them as MP3 files to your computer.

As always, I will advise people who don’t have fast internet speed to upgrade your internet connection speed if you really want to subscribe to this kind of online guitar lessons site. The HD videos need to have broadband access in order to play smoothly.

There are a few cool tools such as online metronome, guitar chords library, online guitar tuner and notably guitar pro tabs. You can search all guitar tab files alphabetically through guitar pro tabs database but you need to purchase Guitar Pro 6 in order to view the files. If you’re a premium member of (The Guitar Lesson), you’re entitled to a 20% discount code upon purchasing Guitar Pro 6. It would be redundant for me to explain how the other 3 free tools look like and what they can do. Please head on over to the site to check them out yourself.


There is a discussion board below each video lesson where you can leave your comments or questions. There is also an online form at your disposal. Tom will personally answer your questions most likely within 24 hours.


You can view 10 basic lessons for free or go for as low as USD 1 for a 3-day full access trial. Then after if you decide this website is great, you can subscribe for monthly, 3+1 month or 6+3 month premium membership. The fees are USD 9, USD 27 and USD 54 respectively. This is perhaps one of the cheaper premium memberships I have ever encountered.

Money Back Guarantee3-stars

Tom will refund 100% of your money (even the trial membership fee USD 1) within 2 weeks of your payment if you request for it. Two weeks is neither a short nor a long period of time so I will just grant it 3 stars.

Overall Editor’s Rating4-stars (The Guitar Lesson) is tailored for beginners only so don’t expect everything under the sun to be covered in exhaustive detail. Nevertheless, it’s the most guitar playing fun you’ll ever have at such a low cost.

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