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Team Method Guitar has been discontinued by the company Rock Star Recipes. This link below will re-direct you to a review of another great product of the same company: Jamorama.

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Learning guitar from a single teacher is boring? Team Method Guitar is a unique guitar course where you can learn from a team of guitar professionals whereby each one of them has his own expertise in a particular area such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, fingerpicking, beginner’s techniques, advanced techniques and specialty areas like learning to play by ear. It’s available as a download version or both physical product and download version.


Ben Edwards is the former lead guitarist for the popular down-under band Degress.K who he toured with internationally. Before joining the band, he gained a Bachelor of Education. Ben is a trained teacher and has been teaching people to play guitar online for a few years.


When you first visit the site you will be offered 6 free introductory guitar e-course via e-mail which includes audio and video content. The course material includes:

  • Beginner And Intermediate Course Books And DVDs
  • Rhythm Jam Tracks CD
  • Play-by-Ear Mini Course
  • Chord Reference Kit Book And DVD
  • Advanced Course Book
  • 43 Step-by-Step Lead Guitar Video Lessons on DVD
  • CAGED System
  • 29 Lead Guitar Jam Tracks on CD
  • Acoustic Guitar DVD Mini Course
  • JaydeMusica Pro
  • GuitearIt!
  • Metronome
  • Guitar Tuner Pro

Below is a short description of each item in this wonderful product:

  • Beginner And Intermediate Course Books And DVDs – There are 44 chapters and 252 pages in total for both course books. The lessons will take you from a complete newbie to an advanced guitarist with integrated video and audio. The video lessons are professionally recorded and edited with multiple camera angles and cutting edge animated graphics. The team of professional guitar experts will show you how something is supposed to be played.
  • Rhythm Jam Tracks CD – There are 26 jam tracks recorded to cover a wide range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues and hip-hop. Ben will show you step-by-step on how to jam along with the band in these lessons.
  • Play-by-Ear Mini Course – This mini course will teach you to play virtually any song you hear. By following their seven easy steps you will be taught how to instantly recognize chords when you hear them. This mini course is actually woven into into the beginner and intermediate course books and comes with an audio ear-training CD with 60 tracks.
  • Chord Reference Kit Book And DVD – 76 pages of high resolution pictures of 72 different chords with 216 chord variations and 216 chord progressions and riffs are included in this book. The DVD shows you exactly how to play six essential progressions which give you a solid foundation for playing lead guitar.
  • Advanced Course Book – This is a easy-to-follow lead guitar focus book with 12 chapters and 94 pages of detailed lessons. You will learn impressive skills such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, whole bends, half bends and much more.
  • 43 Step-by-Step Lead Guitar Video Lessons On DVD – These easy-to-follow video lessons will teach you how to play lead guitar effectively, smoothly and flawlessly.
  • CAGED System – You will get 12 step-by-step lessons that show you how to utilize the entire fretboard of the guitar.

The CDs and DVDs are playable on any standard DVD player or a PC or MAC. The video and audio quality of both CDs and DVDs are very good and much like high-definition (HD). The DVDs are well produced and professionally shot so you can actually see the teachers’ hand positions and strum patterns. The step-by-step instructions are very easy-to-follow. It covers guitar styles such as rock, jazz, country, blues, metal and hip-hop.

  • 29 Lead Guitar Jam Tracks On CD – In this CD, you will find variety of styles including 12 bar blues, minor blues, slow country, fast country, metal, modern punk, classic 60s rock, modern rock, pop/folk, ska/reggae, jazz and 50s style rock ‘n roll.
  • Acoustic Guitar DVD Mini Course – You get five video lessons, tips and tricks PLUS 26 acoustic versions of this rhythm Jam Tracks.

You can turn down the guitar part and take over the lead yourself to play along with the band.

Below are some cool software included. These 4 software bonuses can be installed on both PC and MAC.

  • JaydeMusica Pro – This software bonus is a fun game which will help you how to read music.
  • GuitearIt! – This computer game that trains your ear to identify all the various guitar chords.
  • Metronome – This software is designed specifically to keep you in time and therefore improve your timing.
  • Guitar Tuner Pro – This software will make sure your guitar is kept in tune and sound good.

You will also receive three additional bonuses i.e. “Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar” book, Ben’s Favourite Lead Lick Sessions and Audacity Multi-track Recording Software.


Team Method Guitar offers e-mail support and the unique LIVE online support. Currently, they start with live support in the critical USA/Canada afternoon and evening hours. You can talk to a customer support assistant within minutes which I am quite impressed with.


If you buy the download version (USD $ 97), you will have to download almost 200MB of jam tracks and over 430MB of video lessons and 6 downloadable guitar course books to your hard disk. So if you are a dial-up internet user, you can, of course, buy the physical product version which is priced at USD $ 209 plus shipping and handling costs. However, at almost this same price, we would recommend another physical product Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar which is better and a bit cheaper.

Money Back Guarantee4-stars

If you don’t like Team Method Guitar for any reason after the purchase, you can return it for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. The company offers you 60-day guarantee. Of course, shipping cost for mailing the package back to the company will be incurred.

Overall Editor’s Rating4-stars

Team Method Guitar suits both beginner and intermediate guitarists. It may be a bit pricey like most of the high-end products we’ve reviewed on our site. However, it’s like paying only 2 or 3 hour of private guitar lesson fees for a whole year’s worth of guitar lessons plus a few freebies. I would recommend it to those guitar players whom would like to learn different guitar styles from a team of professional teachers.

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