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Jamorama is an extremely popular name among the online guitar community. There have been a lot of development changes at Jamorama over the years.  This is the third time I’m rewriting my review for Jamorama. It has now integrated social logins so it’s becoming more and more sociable and fun because you can make new friends in Jamorama community. Moreover, the course outline is now more organized and simpler than the one before changes.


The old classic version of the Jamorama course created by the instructor named Ben Edwards is no longer available on the site. Instead, you have Mark McKenzie who is known as “Mark The Guitar Guy” on YouTube. You can find his YouTube channel by searching for his name. He uploaded quite a lot of beginner guitar lesson videos on his channel.  In his own words:”Playing in the NZ Army Band and alongside great international artists has been a huge highlight of my career so far.” He also stated that he started this own guitar school and developed a revolutionary method of teaching guitar which he called “Fine Motor Programming”.


Here is the rundown of the courses available on Jamorama.com:

  • Fields of Gold by Sting (6 topics) – Mark will teach you how to play this amazing song by Sting. He covers everything from the strumming pattern and basic chords to the advanced strumming technique and advanced chords. At the end of the tutorial, there is a jam along session for the song.
  • Beginner Guitar Method-Stage 1 (42 topics) – This session lets you learn guitar basics within 5 weeks. There is a total of 42 different topics from how to hold a pick to how to play riffs. This part is essential for the beginners because it covers the guitar basics.
  • Beginner Guitar Method-Stage 2 (34 topics) – Mark is going to teach you more basics which should be completed in another 5 weeks. Both stages include downloadable exercise files with tabs, chord diagrams, chord progressions and strumming patterns.
  • Beginner Guitar Chords (15 topics) – This session covers some commonly used major, minor, and 7th chords. Besides, you’ll learn some chord progressions and 12 bar blues.
  • Lead Guitar for Beginners (31 topics) – This section is scheduled to be completed in 7 weeks. You’ll learn notes, major scales, minor scales, riffs, skills, techniques and so on from a total of 31 topics. These are the fundamental skills that you need to learn in order to play solos.
  • Guitar Theory Made Even Easier (22 topics) – Theory? It must be boring, right? Wrong! There is no humdrum material to read. Everything is explained and displayed in the videos so you’ll never doze off.
  • Fingerstyle Guitar (33 topics) – Within these 33 topics, you’ll learn fingerstyle basics, fingerstyle patterns and thumb and chord slap fingerstyle pattern.
  • The 1 Hour Workout (58 topics) – In short, it is a guitar practice session. Mark is going to train you in his “guitar gym” in order to enhance the strength and dexterity of your fingers.
  • Speed Picking (8 topics) – This is where you will learn how to play your guitar with blistering speed and accuracy. This part is crucial to learn if you want to have that guitar shredding capability.
  • Acoustic Guitar Maintenance (4 topics)– These videos explain everything about general care such as setting up your guitar, removing strings, cleaning, re-stringing and tuning.

All these high-definition videos in this new version are instructional full video by Mark McKenzie. There are close-ups on right hand and left hand but they are not shown simultaneously in split-screen style. What makes these guitar lesson videos more effective is the display of chord diagrams in the instructional videos. Beside the guitar lessons, Mark will advise you to avoid some bad habits. He has a friendly teaching style with a clear voice as well as a kiwi accent.

I don’t recommend Jamorama to those who don’t have broadband internet access because the new version is an online guitar video course. Online videos do not work well with dial-up internet access. You will be frustrated if you use dial-up access because the online videos will keep on lagging. Also, I anticipate Jamorama to upload guitar lesson videos teaching other music genres such as Country, Blues or Jazz in the future.


Whenever you’re stuck somewhere, you can always get in touch with the customer support center at Jamorama. There are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you out. Alternatively,  you can submit a support ticket to ask some other questions. Like many other online courses, it has a forum available for their members but it’s not as big as I expect it to be. The support team answered almost all of the questions posted there. However, some of the responses may take up to a few days. There is also a blog which contains news, updates, articles etc.


As of today, Jamorama is one of the most inexpensive guitar courses to pay someone to teach you guitar. There are 3 types of memberships i.e. Jamorama Basic (free), Jamorama Plus (USD 4.95/month) and Jamorama Pro (USD 9.95/month). You can check out these offers when you go to the site later. Is Jamorama worth the money? Honestly, it’s a yes for beginners and intermediate players but a no for seasoned players.

Money Back Guarantee1-star

The 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, is no longer available.

Overall Editor’s Rating4-stars

Jamorama is a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate guitar players who want a decent guitar course without spending too much money. I just hope that the site can add more video lessons more frequently.

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