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Well, so far, Infinite Guitar (IG) charges the lowest monthly membership fees in the online guitar teaching industry. As of this review, it has produced 1917 lessons which are instructed by 15 guitar tutors from different countries around the world. Having said that, it still can’t compete with other online guitar course such as Jamplay and Guitar Tricks in terms of sheer quality and quantity of lessons. In order to satisfy my lofty expectations, I feel that IG, as a young company, needs to explore the possibility of creating especially games and software to help students to train their memory in a fun and easy way. Before you sign up, you can have a look at those 8 free video lessons first.


Infinite Guitar boasts a team of 15 talented professional guitarist-cum-teacher from Sweden, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia and Croatia. They are all professionals in the music industry. Most of them are album-producing artists, private guitar teachers, professional guitarists and composer. You can check out the music produced by each and every tutor when you go to the site later.


When you become a premium member of the site, you will gain access to the slick, stylishly-designed site menu almost immediately. It has the most elaborated search feature I have ever seen. You certainly would not go amiss by using these search criteria: type of tutorial, media, difficulty, topic, guitar style and instructor. The below are the lists of criteria available:

  • Type Of Tutorial

– Single Lessons/ Tutorials/ Song Tutorials/ Backing Tracks

  • Media

– All Media/ Video/ Audio/ Text

  • Difficulty

– All Levels/ Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced/ Crazy!

  • Topic

– All Topics/ Chords/ Cool Riffs/ Effects/ Exercises/ Improvising/ Recording/ Reference/ Rhythm/ Scales/ Technique/ Theory

  • Style

– All Styles/ Acoustic/ Any Style/ Blues/ Classical/ Country/ Funk/ Fusion/ Holiday/ Jazz/ Latin/ Metal/ Rock

  • Instructor

– All Instructor and 15 instructors’ name which I’m not going to list out here.

In a nice touch, students can filter the extensive list of lessons to find the most recent or the most popular lessons. You can also search the lessons by typing your keyword into  a search bar. If you don’t like the feel of all the above,  you can use the glossy navigation menu at the top of the page to go to the category of your preference.

Personally, I would prefer to follow the 3 lesson plans available on the website. They are, namely, beginner plan, intermediate plan and advanced plan. Each of the plan is well thought out and organized in a way that follows the proper chronological order of a private guitar syllabus. For this reason, I give Infinite Guitar the thumbs up.

The video qualities are not standardized. Based on my observation, most of them are of high-definition (HD) and enhanced-definition (ED) quality but some of them are of low-definition (LD) quality. Majority of the lesson videos don’t have close enough close-up shot on both hands. If some of them do, there are only a handful of them that show split-screen close-up on both hands simultaneously. Please note that a small number of all the lessons don’t include video.

That being said,you can rest assured that each and every lesson contains written online materials in the form of instructional text, musical notation, tablature and diagram.

The backing tracks are downloadable audio MP3s. The quality is great and they don’t sound like computer-generated tones.

If you need a metronome for your practice, there is one that comes together with every lesson. It’s a very handy tool.  It has a wide range of tempos, from 50 beats per minute (bpm) to 250 bpm. You can also change the volume of tempo, sound type of tempo and time signature.

The other cool tool is chord finder. You can pick your chord to view the fingering pattern or chord shape of the chord on the fretboard. You also have the options to play the chord using the clean or distortion tone. However, I think it would be even better if the tool can show fingering patterns on all over the neck instead of on just the first 4 frets.


Should you have any trouble, you have a few options to seek help from Infinite Guitar. Firstly, you can read the frequently asked questions section on the site. Secondly, you can fill in the contact form and submit your inquiries there. Lastly, you can post questions in their forum. The community is quite small but there are a lot of topics discussed in it such as guitar, gear, recording, chords, scales, techniques etc.


It’s by far the most affordable online guitar course I have seen. Monthly membership fees USD 10.95 is like the price of a fast food meal or two. Is it worth that much? Yes, it is judging by the amount of lessons you can learn from it. There is no private guitar lesson out there that can charge that low.

Money Back Guarantee3-stars

You can ask for the refund if you’re not happy with the course but 3-day money back guarantee is not a very good deal. It’s the shortest time period I have ever encounter.

Overall Editor’s Rating4-stars

Thankfully, the site’s content is extremely well organized so the navigation is like a breeze. Though the video quality may not be top-notch, it’s the one of the cheapest guitar course you can find on the internet. My biggest complaint had to do with the short period of money back guarantee. it would be great if the team at Infinite Guitar can revise this.

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