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Never have I ever thought that I would write an editorial review in such an unusual way. The site doesn’t deserve my scrutinized review at all. Simply put, this is a scam site. You will find out why I said so further down this review.

When i visited the site, the site seemed okay but sounded like hype. I did a little browsing first before I purchased the course using my Paypal account. The site offers a lifetime money back guarantee. You are risk-free, so to speak.

Basically, the founder of the site is Brian Piggott who claimed to have been playing guitar for 24 years. There are 2 types of lessons i.e. guitar lessons and bass lessons. They are applications which can either be downloaded or delivered directly to your doorstep in a CD package. The download version is priced at AUD 49 and the CD option is priced at AUD 59.

There are also some YouTube demo videos. The demo looks good. You can view tab, fretboard, video and Groove Box in a split-screen style.

The site also includes some testimonials. Savage Garden is one of the reviewers but I doubt the Australian pop duo ever wrote that testimonial. All of the testimonials sound supportive of the site. No bad comments at all. Unbelievable.

So, I went ahead to purchase and download “Guitar Lessons for Windows” and guess what!

A pop-up window appeared:


I tried a few times and it still failed to start. I didn’t even ponder whether I should google to find a solution because I’m not a computer savvy person. By the way, the download page had a ridiculous countdown of 24 hours for me to download the application.

So I thought to myself, “Screw it! I want my refund.”

I sent a refund request via email address found on the download page. Guess what again?

My gmail delivery subsystem replied this message below to me:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

Great! At that point, I could confirm that this is a scam site.

I didn’t want my AUD 49 going down the drain for nothing. So, I logged into my Paypal account and found another email address within the transaction details. However, it was for a christian dating site. I sent the refund request anyway, but this time I got a response.

The customer service representative was polite and she asked me to allow up to 24 hours for refund to finalize. I felt a glimpse of hope.

2 days had passed, there was still no refund or reply. So, I sent a follow-up email. Still, there was nothing for the next 2 days.

I have filed a dispute with Paypal since before the posting of this review. Perhaps this case will be resolved and I might get my refund. Whatever the outcome is, we all know that this is not the way to treat a customer.

Overall Editor’s Rating(This is a scam site)

The usual rating for instructor, course, support, pricing or money back guarantee is negligible. This is an absolute scam site as far as I am concerned. As a reviewer or editor,  I can’t avoid such an unpleasant experience as I need to review the product. Everyone else should stay away from it.

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