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My first impression of the sales page or website was less than impressive. The owner of the site is Jamie Lewis. He is a self-proclaimed “internationally known guitarist who has taught guitar for over 20 years”. I didn’t even bother to write here more about himself because I knew Guitar Hotshot was a scam when I reviewed it. The whole sales page is full of hype and the promises are mostly laughable. One of his ridiculous promises is “I created this program to turn beginners, intermediate and advanced players into Guitar Gods”. Oh, really?

The website promises the moon so the hype continues to explode further down the long sales page. It says you can learn techniques on 52 video lessons, but in reality, you will only get 32 of them. Please tell me what it is if it’s not a scam. Also, it says “download 40 hours of intensive guitar lessons” so you think you can download these flash videos after paying USD 29.95, right? Wrong! You’ll need to fork out extra USD 19.95 on top of your initial payment in order to download them. By the way, it doesn’t even close to 4 hours of guitar lessons, let alone 40 hours.

Mr. Lewis says on his sales page that you will learn to play guitar in every style imaginable. This is nonsense. The only music style that he will “teach” you is rock. Moreover, the way he teaches is confusing and disorganized. If you’re a beginner, you won’t be able understand most of the lessons. You won’t get “over 10,000 counted riffs, solos, scales and licks” as advertised on his sales page. As a matter of fact, he will only show off some of his riffs and licks but that doesn’t make him a good instructor. He is at best just an awful guitar teacher wannabe trying to earn some bucks online.

To add insult to injury, the video has low definition and the webcam or low-quality camcorder is constantly wobbling. There is no split-screen view on both hands and sometimes you see close-up shot, sometimes you don’t. He is the first “tutor” who teaches standing up. The whole filming thing is amateurish.

One of the “benefits” he highlights:”become a master of music theory”. Well, I did find a theory center which only contains a 12-page ebook with very thin content, arrays of guitar chord charts and piano scale diagrams. Wait a minute, did I just say piano?

At this point, you should have guessed what happened when I tried to access his database of unlimited jam tracks. You’re right! No luck at all with provide username and password.

Don’t bother to contact Mr. Lewis and request for a refund if you’ve unfortunately been scammed before. Chances are he won’t get back to you. Instead, click on the Clickbank customer service link which is included in your Clickbank digital receipt and look up your order to seek help. If you have lost the email, please go to support page of and then click on a link that says “filling out this form”. You’ll see a button called “Visit Customer Service Website”. This is where you should go and request for a refund. You have 60-day money back guarantee—from Clickbank, not Mr. Lewis of course—so do it as soon as possible.

Overall Editor’s Rating (This is a scam site)

It’s depressing every time I find a scam site such as this one. Almost every part of the site has false advertising. Please share this review within your social media network so that your friends and family can avoid falling victim to such an unscrupulous scam artist. As a side note, if you want to visit the site at work, remember to turn down your speaker volume. The site’s autoplay video will shock your boss.

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