Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0 Review

Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0
Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0

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Blues Guitar Secrets (BGS) 2.0 is a home-study course 100% dedicated to blues guitar and covers all skill levels (novice, intermediate and advanced). The program contains 9 DVDs (approximately 10 hours of video), 1 CD-ROM with 79 full-band tracks, a professionally printed 185-page book and an online community support forum. You also may sign up for free 12-bar blues video lesson when you enter the site later. It is worth it to sign up.


Dan Denley began playing guitar when he was only 14. He is a self-taught guitarist and classically trained musician. He claimed that he earned a bachelor’s degree in music history. Dan has been a member of 10 bands and has played in some large venue performances so he has a lot of playing experience himself.


So, what can you learn from BGS 2.0? Since there are a lot stuff in this course, I will just narrow this list down partially:

  • A simple way to create soul-inspiring solos
  • The one trick that pros use to play endless variations on the standard 12-bar blues
  • The #1 mistake most guitarists make when they try to learn the blues… and how you can avoid it!
  • The secret of maximizing your practice time so you spend more time jamming
  • How to use blues scales (like flat 5 and flat 5, natural seven) to create red-hot, classic solo licks
  • A quick and easy way to create solos from scratch using the 3-string box positions
  • The one way to double the number of chords you know
  • Transposition
  • The one note that can transform a simple pentatonic minor scale into a melodic blues solo
  • Why blues masters can improvise solos for hours and never suffer from tired, sore fingers
  • The one way to virtually guarantee your success
  • The secret to creating a steady picking hand when playing fingerstyle, acoustic blues
  • The relationship between pentatonic minor scale and natural minor and it’s critical to know both
  • How to play the pentatonic and blues scales in all keys and all five positions
  • A method to quickly and easily determine which scale you should use for your solo

The video quality is way much better than those in Dan’s previous products i.e. Amazing Guitar Secrets and Lead Guitar Secrets 2.0. It has high-definition (HD) quality and great close-up shots on both fretting hand and strumming hand. The angles of the camera shots are also perfect. You get to view the fingering clearer and closer. Dan has a laid-back, organized, natural and friendly kind of teaching method so it’s easy to follow and understand. Obviously, Dan made a great effort on this product.

Those 10-hour video is going to take you by the hand and show you the exact finger position of each note or chord. But if you think you still prefer to refer the tab, notation and chord diagrams, don’t worry because they are all printed professionally on the 185-page course book.

Among those 79 jam tracks, 29 of them were recorded with live instruments in a professional recording studios. You can listen to a few of the samples when you visit the site later.

Also, you will get 3 free bonuses:

  • A Progress Tracker – For you to chart your own daily progress & show you what to do next
  • 16-Step Quick Start Guide – You will receive 1-year’s worth of blues-guitar articles that will enhance what you’ll be learning in the course and answer common questions. You’ll also receive a new article each month via email.
  • Online Support Forum – For you to search for answers to your question or post your own question. You’ll get to interact with BGS owners all around the world.


Dan provides email and phone support should you have any questions about the guitar course. You will also receive unlimited, 24/7 access to the online community support forum where you can post your questions and interact with other BGS 2.0 owners.


The last time I checked his website, Dan mentioned that he wanted to clear his stock in his old warehouse. Therefore, he offered a small discount. The price is currently at USD 99. I personally feel that it’s worth it considering the quality of this product.

Money Back Guarantee4-stars

Now here is the interesting part of the deal. Dan is going to offer you 1-year, money back double guarantee which I think that Dan has an extremely high confidence level that no other blues guitar teacher has. If you aren’t satisfied with BGS 2.0, you can request full refund of the purchase price (shipping and handling charges are non-refundable) by returning the package to Dan via mail. To better understand the double guarantee, you can check it out later. By the way, shipping cost will be incurred if you return this product to him.

Overall Editor’s Rating4-stars

If you’re an intermediate guitar player who wants to learn blues guitar, you really can’t go wrong with BGS 2.0. With the calibre of the guitar instructor, high quality videos and detailed course book, you definitely will learn some useful tricks and techniques from Dan. I do not recommend this to a total novice though.

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Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0
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