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Recommended Beginner Guitar Courses

Top 5 Recommended Beginner Guitar Courses
no Course Name Material Type Price Review Rating
1 Gibson's Learn And Master Guitar DVD course USD 249 Read Review 5/5
2 Jamplay Online video lessons USD 19.95/month Read Review 5/5
3 Guitar Tricks Online video lessons USD 29.95/month Read Review 5/5
4 Jamorama Online video lessons USD 9.95/month Read Review 4/5
5 TheGuitarLesson.com Online video lessons USD 9/month Read Review 4/5

Note: Price and materials may subject to change. For up-to-date information, please visit the website of the product.

Guitar Course To Avoid

Stay Away From It
no Course Name Material Type Price Review Rating
1 Guitarandbass.com.au Downloadable or CD course AUD 49 Read Review This is a scam site
2 Guitar Hotshot Online video lessons USD 29.95 Read Review This is a scam site

Featured Online Guitar Lessons Review


The team over at Guitar Tricks has once again impressed me with their effort to put together this amazing product. It’s undeniably perfect for all the folks who don’t know anything about guitar and want to explore how to play blues music…Read more

Recent Online Guitar Lessons Review


Guitar Hotshot
Guitar Hotshot

My first impression of the sales page or website was less than impressive. The owner of the site is Jamie Lewis. He is a self-proclaimed “internationally known guitarist who has taught guitar for over 20 years”….Read more